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  Website in Week Bootcamp

Congrats, you have now completed the WordPress Bootcamp.

I hope the tools I've provided you were helpful and you're almost done with creating your website.

Wait ... what? You're not?

Worry not, I have created another course that will certainly get you from layout to launch: Website in Week.


For starters, here is a preview of what you'll learn with Website in Week:

► Introduction to WordPress, and how to come up with with a master plan (SETUP)

► Lay out and document all the details the future web presence (PLAN)

► Gather all the tools necessary to make everything run smoothly (INSTALL)

► Dive into content creation and what it takes to drive traffic to a website (CREATE)

► Test, test and test until the web site is ready to go live (LAUNCH)

► Look into social media and how it can generate leads (SHARE)

► Create a schedule for all required backups & future updates (MAINTAIN)

And because I really want you to have your web presence online, student of the WordPress Bootcamp (like yourself) will receive a 50% early bird price when pre-registering for the course now.

Simply head over to Website in Week & claim your discount.

But don't wait, time is running out as the course is scheduled to launch in Jan 2019.